The Principles of Improvisation

Be in the moment

Stay focused and don’t miss out on what’s happening in the now. Anything and everything is an opportunity as long as you pay attention to the present moment. Be in the moment.

Be Affected

Working as a team and building trust amongst its members allows for a group mind to be developed and ideas to bounce off of each other. Train yourself to let go of control and accept your partners’ offer. Allow yourself to change. Be affected.

Be Brave

Success is all about taking risks and not being afraid of failure. When we’re ready to put all insecurities, fear and need for perfectionism aside, a path to great things unfolds before us. Dare to step into the unknown. Be an innovator. Be brave.

The Services We Offer


Applied Improvisation is a multi-faceted, hands-on approach that works on multiple levels.

We Have Worked With

And here’s what they say

One of the best interactive workshops I have ever attended. Hands down, the best way to train someone and help them get something out of it. I never expected something like that to be so detailed and to be successfully put together with so many participants (130!). Very carefully organized, highly personable facilitators, high energy, creative and most importantly, great participation. Truly remarkable!


Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Being taught not be negatively affected by any failure on stage, I learned not to focus on my mistakes, but to overcome them focusing on their solution. I also learned how to actively listen to my teammates, in order to progress our creation. In essence, this was vital to my being more concentrated at my work environment, increasing my productivity and paying much more attention to my colleagues. The practice of expressing my thoughts freely and being creative played a huge part in finding innovative solutions to any professional issues that may come my way.


National Bank of Greece

My involvement with Improv Theater began for my personal enjoyment. Very soon, however, it evolved to be a unique experience and a way of life, not just as an art form, but in other sectors as well, like my work for instance. In improv theater you experience first hand, amongst other things, to accept, to build, to have one’s back, to count either on the team or on yourself for the good of the team!

Clairie Chatzidaki

Since my very first intro class I was speechless. How could such a fun lesson teach such deeply engrained psychological principles?

Through these classes I realized that I find pleasure in TAKING PART, not winning or standing out! Addressing my coworkers in a similar way I have highly increased the quality of my collaborations! Learn how to say “Yes And”: Build on your colleagues’s idea and the team will rise!

Observing-Focusing: I am fully aware of the reality around me. I see, hear, concentrate! I listen, but not just for the sake of listening. Our meetings are much more effective and productive.I have a better sense of the COMMON good, rather than my personal benefit, so I value myself as well as others.

Through improvisation you learn how to reclaim missed relationships, the goal for common good, and teamwork. Practicing improvisation is an on-going revelation of who we are!

Anysia Kypraiou

Enarxis Dynamic Media LTD

It was one of the best company team building events I have ever attended! Highly creative, fun and different. ImproVIBE’s team had constantly very high energy which they managed to successfully pass on to the participants despite their high number. They manage to get even the most shy, introverted and “serious” colleagues up on their feet! I believe that this kind of activity is immensely helpful towards developing proper teamwork and a pleasant work environment. I would highly recommend it to any corporate team (or any team for that matter) that wants to achieve the aforementioned results!!


Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

The Experts



Menelaos is a theater improviser, instructor, photographer, life-long traveller and the mastermind behind Applied Improvisation in Greece. He has spent more than a third of his life traveling around the world.

He now teaches improv theater to individuals, corporations, NGOs and public entities, organizes/presents/plays in improv shows regularly and gives interviews that his mom loves sharing on Facebook. He often travels all around Greece and abroad for teaching and performing.

During his free time he cycles, rock climbs and takes care of the hoard of four-legged friends he has at home.



Vasiliki is an actress, won over by Improvisational Theater.

After graduating the great drama school of Carolos Koun, Technis Theater ,she crossed paths with improvisation. It was love at first sight. She was excited by the fact that the principles of improvisation reminded her how a childs’ spontaneity can relax and de-stress a person. She dove into the world of improv head first and, having completed ImproVIBE’s training, she took her first steps towards teaching improv. Her goal now is to spread the magic of improvisation as far and wide as possible.

Music, cinema and telescopes are her greatest joys. However, nothing exceeds her passion towards her flatmates. Her cats!



Elina was born and raised in a village on the island of Crete and fell in love with the arts even before taking her first baby steps. She moved to Athens to study Architecture at the National Technical University, as she strongly desired to combine her artistic tendencies with applicable science.

Elina is one of our partners that raises the bar when it comes to applying the principles of improvisational theater not just on her own career, but on the professional development of our clients as well.



A graduate of Polytechnical University of Patras, currently a postgraduate student at Hellenic Open University specializing in “Earthquake Engineering and Seismic-Resistant Structures”. He speaks English, Japanese and Norwegian. However, these formal qualifications don’t suffice to define him.

The hobbies that complete his profile are three : games, social dancing, and Improvisational theatre. Their common elements : non – verbal communication, the joy of uncertainty, and the depth and perplexity of the human psyche as it unfolds spontaneously is what has won him over.

An invaluable asset to our team of experts, Kostas’s way of thinking is unconventional and 100% present in whatever he does at any given moment.



Panagiotis graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Management Science and Technology. Fancy titles eh? Since 2009 he has worked as a programmer and online marketing specialist. Or as his boss would say, Senior Tester and Developer. Another fancy title!

In July 2014 he put an end to all this. He wanted to focus his efforts more on improvisation and stand up comedy. Great idea huh? He knows! Although the clumsiest of us all, he has an amazingly broad imagination and does not hesitate to test its limits.

He is one of our brainstorming specialists, with ideas that cost us a braincell or two.



Gregory was born and raised in Athens. In recent years he has involved in personal development, reading articles and books, and participating in lectures and seminars. He constantly seeks new ways to improve his character and his mind, since he believes in lifelong learning.

This path lead him to improvisation, where he learned to cultivate and express his spontaneity, to collaborate more effectively with other people and to tackle unusual or difficult situations. Through improvisation, he was introduced to failure, which he accepted and embraced. Using this amazing tool of self-improvement in every opportunity in his everyday life, since he deeply believes in “Learn to fail or fail to learn”, his creativity and ambitions know no limit.

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