We were recently invited to be amongst the team of speakers at TEDx Athens 2019. It was a great honor for us and we were excited to talk about the benefits of improvisation and improv theater to so many people seeking inspiration and growth.

The theme of TEDx Athens for this year was the “State of X”. The state of X is that moment when change happens. When you’re about to take the leap and switch from planning to taking action. That is the area where Improvisation lives and thrives, and we couldn’t wait to share our beliefs with everyone attending this marvelous event. This task was taken up by two of our finest, Menelaos Prokos and Panagiotis Delavinias.


It was a spectacular experience for us. It taught us a lot and it humbled us, especially also after receiving outstanding feedback from the attendees and the organization alike.

In the near future we will share with you the video of our speech.

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